Frozen Thoughts – Magazine Review

Happened to read a magazine by name ‘Frozen Thoughts’ for the past two months . Liked it very much for the attitude -very motivating , thought provoking and had always given me a point or two to drive home.

The monthly magazine has various articles out of which my personal favorite is the ‘Voice of Love’ written by the author. The striking thing put forth is the need to stay connected to the environment and GIVING BACK.

There are other articles too but we get a feel of reading a moral science book at times . Never mind , there are some gem of articles written.Articles regarding professional growth and stressing the importance of relationship are some of the featured columns.

There are some posters featured at the centre page with some inspiring quotes too.

All is fine but the magazine costs 80 bugs and half of the pages is filled with advts.Better suggest to read it from some one who owns it to get a feel.In the case of being impressed ,Go and grab your copy hence .


18 thoughts on “Frozen Thoughts – Magazine Review

  1. CM Raman says:

    Good magazine to read. I wonder whether the cost could be reduced to Rs.50/= Many of my friends are also of the same opinion. Would be happy to have your response.

    • dinakaranonline says:

      Yes , the mag is costly . May be they can comprise on book quality and reduce cost to sell . Almost half pages is full of ads !

  2. R MAHADEVAN says:

    Dear All,

    I am very very sorry to read that each and everyone is bent on the asking the ‘Frozen Thoughts’ holders to reduce the price of the journal, which means everyone would want to gain without any pain, without spending any coin.
    How is it ?

    For studies like Engg, medicines, they’d give away any amount of rupees without questioning because they want to be highly, professionaly educated but for brushing off their brains, improving their knowledge, wisdom, they would count every penny. Alas, oh God, please save your human beings.

    As a matter of fact, even if ‘Frozen Thoughts’ are thinking of raising the cost, I would readily buy it. Because the way they bring out their magazine with full of right messages to live a best life is much laudable and those who read the magazine during their lives would leave this as their legacy to the young and next generation for a better living for becoming a better human beings and evolve them as a ‘role model’ to their lineage.

    I implore all of the readers ‘ Not to mind for spending money to buy books of any kind particularly journals ( not one of the major treasury.) like Frozen Thoughts, which is like a Bhagavat Gita, Bible and Kuraan.

    Please at least kindle your kids right from childhood to read such magazine to lead a happy peaceful lives with right attitude and approach while they are humans. Right ?

    Thanks for reading this advice.

    All the Best to you and Wish every day be a Happy day to you all.



  3. R MAHADEVAN says:

    Dear Readers,

    Sometime backin September 2009, I happened to see this Frozen Thoughts.
    It was really surprising to go through such magazine when I have seen so many magazines over the last three decades. I read all very casually.

    But astonishingly, while reading ‘Frozen thoughts’ it was indeed amazing page after page. See, Ads in every publication, is common like TV serials. ( Are we not watching it and going to buy some). So not to mind about the Ads pages.

    See, I am a voracious reader ( of any book which help polishing my mind and spirit). I can, wherever you take me, assert that ” Frozen Thoughts’ is a major treasure ( like Gold) to be preserved in our book shelf safely, very safely for the future generation to lead a fruitful life and for the glorification and beautification of the globe and the entire universe.

    I wondered why such a ‘ inspiring magazine’ costs a least amount of Rs.80/-I appreciate the Editor for selling it at a reasonable price so that it reaches even the downtrodden and needy people at a very afforable price. Hats off to Frozen Thoughts. Please continue to maintain the same, without buringing your fingers.

    For information, I am buying two copies every month so that I can preserve One for my next generation kids so that they will understaind, after so many years that in this world, such a magazine, with a group of so much intellectuals have been in use before their birth.
    I really, from the bottom of my heart, wish all the Team of Frozen Thoughts
    for their unflinching effort in giving such a motivational, inspirational and thought-provoking messages to the readers so that a better quality of human being gets moulded up and the whole world witnesses so many good people all around.

    All the best to the services of ‘ Frozen Thoughts’.



  4. tanu Shri says:

    Hi.. I also started reading dat magazine and found it very nice , motivating and moreover it helps to deal with our day to day situations and especially the articles of ” voice of love” are fantastic. Frozen thoughts gives a person A new feeling to live His/her lyf in a new way and to live in a joyful way. The thoughts written ate tehe end of every page are really nice.I really liked it. I suggest every1 to read it once.

  5. Joseph Pithekar says:

    the magazine definitely gives one a lift in this life. But if you don’t use so expensive paper maybe the price could be kept low. It is certainly inspiring. Now a days even ordinary readers think terms of money.

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